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Playing with Time: Making Time-Lapse Videos

While I fervently hope I am never trapped in an elevator or eaten by ants, the millions of people who've watched these YouTube movies are clear evidence of the impact and reach of time-lapse videos.

Watching things get built, grow, morph or change with the seasons can be mesmerizing. Ordinary happenings become entertaining just by speeding them up. Take a look at this Christmas tree decorating video. It's absolutely fascinating to watch and the kids are adorable, although in real time it would have been a complete yawner.

So how can you make your own time-lapse movies? Pretty much any video shot from one position for a period of time is fair game. You could shoot the kitchen scene at Thanksgiving, the view from your car window as you drive cross-country, or your kids building a sandcastle or snowman. (Tip: Use a tripod or other fixed mount to keep the camera steady, and make sure you have enough power to keep things going for as long as you need. Plugging into the wall is best.)

Once you have your footage, it's time to speed it up. Turning it into the next YouTube sensation is easy with Creator 2009 and VideoWave. First, open VideoWave and select "Add Photo/Video" to add your clips to the timeline. Then right-click on the first video clip and choose "Trim..." to bring up the Video Trimmer window.


Now change the speed to whatever multiple you like. For example, if your overall video is 4 hours long, and you want the end result to be 4 minutes long, put 60 in the speed box to speed it up 60 times. (Note that if you have a long movie, it may be imported in multiple clips. Change the speed for all of them to the same number.)


After changing the speed for each video clip, you can preview the overall movie in the main video window at top right. Adjust the speed up or down if desired, or cut out portions that don't help tell the story. You may even want to speed up some parts more than others, although it's best to just stick with one number. When you're happy with the results, choose "Export As" from the Output menu, and save your movie to disk. You can choose from many formats, such as MPEG2 for recording to DVD, 3GPP for cell phones, and MPEG4 or AVC for iPod and portable player viewing.


Finally, upload your new time-lapse production to the web to share with family and friends. If you want to be the next online video star, send it to YouTube. If you'd rather it stay private, try uploading it to Roxio Online instead, where you can securely share videos with people you invite using PhotoShow. Either way, the results will be time-altering!


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Once you are level 25 start killing bloody wolf and dark bear and also start doing all quest which reach up to level 25. You will get to level 27 where you can hunt apes, Zombie and Banshee but you should bring a lot of pots or maybe party healer. You need to start killing Evil Psychic and Fallen Monk when you are level 30,join a party and. Here you can enjoy cheap Metin2 gold.
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There are so many, what are the best Forex Trading Platforms, particularly for a new trader?
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I can use the COT report to derive the volume of trades so I don't want forex trades in volume. I want to know how many people, institutions, and other entities actually dabble in forex trading (and if possible, if I can find out how many people do retail trades). Any help is appreciated, thanks! Oh, and best answer with a source gets 10 points.
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I want to know how lucrative FOREX business is: AT LEAST, how much can one expect to make in a week through FOREX business if he works say 6 hours per day for seven days? How much AT MOST can he make in one week, working for same number of hours and days?
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I have different sources tell me yes and no. I know a lot of new bylaws have been passed to govern the Forex market and the people who trade in it. But for the ordinary person that trades for forex for friends and family do you need to be registered? Are IB and Money Managers the same thing?
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How can i benefit from FOREX trading?
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Online forex is all over the internet and I have been very tempted to give it a try but do not want to be wiped out imediately and lose my money. If some one has done it please share your good and not so good experience.
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The major factors promoting development of a hemorrhoids

Raising of gravities, continuous duty in position standing
At physical overloads venous pressure raises because of a blood delay in veins, it leads to loss of elasticity of venous walls. Therefore the hemorrhoids often develops at loaders, dancers, sportsmen, hairdressers, teachers - at those who is engaged in serious physical work or spends the working day standing.

Sedentary work, including behind the computer, an inactive way of life
Does not spare a [url=http://hemorrhoidno.com/factor-a-hemorrhoids.html]hemorrhoids [/url] and those who sits much. Between a seat of a chair and a body of the sitting the thermal compress that conducts to stagnation of blood in тазовых organs is formed. Therefore programmers, operators of computers, drivers, bookkeepers, representatives of other "sedentary" trades get to "risk group". Besides, the inactive way of life is a risk factor of venous insufficiency whereas moderate physical activity, employment by swimming and gymnastics, on the contrary, strengthen and stimulate a circulation, interfere with stagnation of blood in veins.

Chronic constipations
The constipation causes disturbance of process of formation of a feces and its advancement on an intestine. Firm feccal masses, being late in the bottom departments of an intestine, press on surrounding veins and complicate a normal current of blood. The habit long to make an effort at a defecation, inherent a suffering chronic constipation, also rather promotes a hemorrhoids: натуживание at a defecation operates on rectum veins to similarly raising of gravities. Frequent constipations - one of hemorrhoids principal causes.

Inflammatory, tumoral processes in the field of a small basin
Inflammatory diseases and tumours at women (a fibroma, a uterus fibromyoma), diseases of a prostate at men, a cirrhosis with a portal hypertensia, malignant tumours of a rectum - all it promotes a rush of blood to organs of a small basin, hence, to hemorrhoids development. Cracks, ulcers, anus fistulas also are hemorrhoids risk factors: at a boring there is a sphincter spastic stricture (the circular muscle closing an exit from a rectum), as a result taking away veins are squeezed and injured.

Abusing a spicy food, alcohol
Alcohol causes a digestive tube vasodilatation, including rectum vessels. The vasodilatation conducts to stagnation of blood in hemorrhoidal knots, to their inflammation. The acute dishes plentifully seasoned with spices, stimulate digestion, but simultaneously cause sharp inflow of blood to a rectum and a mucosa boring.

Serious diarrhoeia (diarrhoeia), protal seex
The boring and rectum and fundament inflammation at a serious diarrhoeia, a mechanical stretching of a sphincter and a rectum at proctal sex promote hemorrhoids occurrence, become the reason обстений available disease.

Pregnancy, labours
The uterus, being enlarged in process of a fetation, occupies the increasing part of a peritoneum. Thus mobile organs are displaced upwards, and the rectum, on the contrary, nestles on a basin - as a result venous vessels are pressed, overflowing with blood cavernous little bodies. Intense attempts at sorts also stimulate formation of hemorrhoidal knots.


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Treatment of a prostatitis by broth from the Red Root
25 gramme. The crushed root to fill in 1 l. Boiled water to insist 1 hour per a thermos and to drink as tea on 3 times a day
before meal on 1/3 glasses. It is possible to use with honey and milk. Such tea - best of folk remedies from a prostatitis.
Also tea helps will consult to an organism with many infectious diseases (cold, a flu, a genyantritis, etc.), and simply
possesses pleasant taste.
Treatment by tincture (balm) from the Red Root

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